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Justin Bieber ft. Usher

New Song !!! Justin Bieber Feat Usher - Somebody To Love


coming soon Video

WORLD PREMIERE: Justin Bieber Teams With Usher for Remix of

JB ft. UE

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Justin Bieber Ft. Usher - Somebody To Love

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Justin Bieber on Ellen Show

third time lucky

too barnameye Ellen yeki az behtarin barname haye mojo0d dar 2nya Justin bieber baraye sevomin bar davat shod ke ye bar baraye Album aval ye bar baraye dovomi va in bar bad az Turi ke dasht be barname Ellen davat shod in Show too tarikhe 5/17/2010 gerefte shod.too in barname ejraye ahange baby(ke albate Remix hastesh)hast o rajebe rabete JB ba Miley Cyrus  va ... !! kheyli Show khobi shode hatman nega konin o bekhandid !!!

JB on Ellen Show.jpg


Part 1 - 22.05M

Part 2 - 61.42

I love a guy who loves his mom

I think it's the sweetest thing when a guy love and care about his mother. Justin Bieber does, that's one of the reason why I like him. I'mma give you pictures of Justin with his mom, Pattie.
This one's kinda rude, but he said he was just kidding and he definitely, absolutely, positively loves his mom :)
Aaaaaaawwwww this is just the sweetest thing :)
He lets his mom and his stepbrother sit on him, that's sweet.
This one is significant. Me likey.
He brought his mom when he hung out with his friends, Chaz Somers and Selena Gomez.
He asked his mom to join him and his friends for bowling.
Adorable, ain't it? I just love a guy who loves his mom and proud to be her son :x

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Justin Bieber - BET Awards 2010

Justin Bieber is Number One in Best New Artist in BET Awards on Sunday June 27th at 8PM from Shrine Auditorium

Best New Artist

1. Justin Bieber

2. Melanie Fiona

3. Nicki Minaj

4. Wale

5. Young Money

to view the full list click here

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little bit new :D

Justin Bieber  by BiebersPartyUSA.


justin and his mum,soooooooooo sweet



justin and his little half-sister



justin's father is so coooooooool


and here's my little sweetie

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alan dashtam 2nbale ax migashtam chi peyda kardam vaghean bara 2khtar haye aziiiz moteasefam !!!!

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75things you should know about justin bieber


1.   Named the hottest star of 2009 by J-14 Magazine

2.   Named newcomer of the year by MuchMusic
3.   Listed as one of the Top 10 YouTube stars of the decade
4.   His middle name is Drew
5.   Born March 1, 1994, he is 15 years old. He is a Pisces
6.   Favorite Color is blue
7.   He wears a lot of purple
8.   Favorite food is spaghetti
9.   Speaks fluent French
10. He’s claustrophobic
My World 2.0 is due to come out on March 23, 2010
12. Justin’s idol is Wayne Gretzky
13. Prefers Mac computers
14. Favorite number is 6
15. Has a crush is Beyonce
16. His favorite shoe brand is Supra

click on the green part down here

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Justin Bieber Talks About Hanging Out With Miley Cyrus

Justin Bieber recently appeared on The Ellen Show and chatted with host Ellen DeGeneres about his time spent hanging out with Disney’s Miley Cyrus. While we all know that Justin and Miley aren’t dating since Miley is head over heels for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, it’s funny to listen to Justin and his response – he always knows how to make everyone in the audience laugh!


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Justin Bieber in OPRAH

New Video ( Live ) Justin Bieber in OPRAH

Justin Bieber in OPRAH

Sorry girls, Justin Bieber has a new lady in his life. The pop sensation got some love from Allua, a female beluga whale, at SeaWorld in San Diego on Friday (May 14). Bieber was in town to perform at Channel 933’s Summer Kick-Off Concert, along with his mentor Usher. What a whale of a time!

goftam Video ham bezar Ejraye jadid dashte tu Walmart mikhastam upload konam barato0n ke Link DL sho peyda nakardam bara hamin barato0n Link mizaram Online Nega konin " 5 ta ahang ejra karde + yek Mosahebe !! " hatman bebinid

Justin Bieber IN Walmart

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New Pic

khob 2 ta ax jadid barato0n bezaram yeki az Video jadid ke tu 2 ta post payin tar khabaresho goftam . yeki dg ham az ejraye jadidesh tu SAN DIEGO 

Photo detail


Me & Usher on the set of "Somebody To Love" video shoot

Justin Bieber & Usher - Somebody To Love - video

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lovely JB images 7

Justin Bieber at Atlantis by ♥Quiet♥.

i'm totally confused

where is this place???

Dubai or Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

download e axa seri e 7

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Salam be hame do0o0stan Aziiiz bebakhshid ke in chand ro00oz nabo00odam !!! rastiatesh vaghte emtehanas nemishe Ziad umad !!! ammmaa umadam ye khabare JIZZZZZZZZZZZ bedam !! unam inke be zo00odi Video Jadid miad az Justin Bieber ke Ahange " Some Body To Love " ro Clip kardan !!

inam yeseri AX jadid ke Justin Bieber dar AL bo0ode gerefte ke dar unja mesle inke Ejra ham dashte !!! berim shahre baziii !!!

Justin Bieber rides Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain


Justin Bieber meets Daffy and Bugs at Six Flags Magic Mountain


Justin Bieber greets fans at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Somebody to Love.MP3

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lovely JB images 6

Justin Bieber Wallpaper/Avatars by xMandaLeigh.

download e axa seri e 6

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lovely JB images 5

Justin Bieber by ♥Quiet♥.

download e axa seri e 5

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New Interview

Justin Bieber 7pm Project Interview

justin bieber  say: I mowed CHUCK NORRIS's lawn

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Justin Bieber 7pm Project Interview

Bieber Fever sweeps U.S. Cellular Field

Singing sensation throws first pitch before game with Royals 

che mikone in bazikoooooooooon !!!!

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Bieber Fever sweeps U.S. Cellular Field

5yrs old Justin Bieber fan

Justin Bieber Dar Sen 5 salegii !!!!  Damesh Garm Ghashang Ada Dar miare !!! NICE  One Time Song

5yrs old Justin Bieber fan

New Pic in White House Correspondents Dinner

Justin Bieber , Jonas Brothers Liven up White House Correspondents Dinner

" New Pic "


Jonas Brothers

Justin Bieber

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Have you ever wondered what it would take for you to get Justin Bieber’s attention? Wonder how you could impress this super cutie? We’ve got the answer inside JUNE TIGER BEAT just for you! Justin tells Tiger Beat that he LOVES confident and outgoing girls! He also tells us some of his crush stories, too! If you’re a Justin Bieber fan, you HAVE to get this issue and find out more about what Justin loves about girls! Hurry to stands now and get your June TIGER BEAT!


Aww, JUSTIN BIEBER Misses His Siblings!

Justin Bieber has been traveling nonstop these past few weeks, first touring in Japan, stopping in Australia and now arriving in New Zealand! We can only imagine how homesick he gets and how much he misses his family. Justin’s dad has a Twitter and tweeted these two photos of Justin and his baby sister Jazzy. Justin retweeted the one below saying this: “miss the little ones. @lordbieber tell jaxon and jazzy i love them and miss them.” Aw, so cute! Justin seems like a really sweet and amazing big brother! We hope that they’ll all be reunited soon. Don’t get too homesick, Justin!



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I’m just a water kind of guy-----> he is SICK

Hey, readers! As you know, Justin’s been traveling all over the world these past few weeks. One of his stops was in beautiful Australia, which he tweeted that he absolutely loved! Well, Justin sat down with Australia’s Justin Bieber Source and talked to them about what he most loved about Australia, spilling that he’s a “water kind of guy!” That doesn’t surprise us! Justin’s totally active and loves the out doors. He told JBSource, “I’m just a water kind of guy. I like to be by the water. Just, you know, hang out, play beach football.” That sounds like the perfect summer beach day to us, wouldn’t you agree? We hope Justin gets time off from his hectic schedule to hang out at the beach this summer!


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